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No: Date: Award: Citation:
1. 2012-07-13 Signalist Patch For competence with communication gear
2. 2012-07-13 OP Participation Award, Plain For dutiful participation in Squad Ops
3. 2012-08-15 OP Participation Award, Bronze For dutiful participation in Squad Ops
4. 2012-08-15 Wound Badge, Black For wounds suffered in the line of duty
5. 2012-08-15 Infantry Combat Badge, Bronze For serving with distinction with the infantry
6. 2012-08-15 Iron Cross, 2nd class For heroic actions in the battle for Arlon
7. 2012-08-15 Battle Participation Award For participation in the attack and capture of Masstricht
1. Signalist Patch 2. OP Participation Award, Plain 3. OP Participation Award, Bronze 4. Wound Badge, Black 5. Infantry Combat Badge, Bronze 6. Iron Cross, 2nd class
Signalist Patch OP Participation Award, Plain OP Participation Award, Bronze Wound Badge, Black Infantry Combat Badge, Bronze Iron Cross, 2nd class
7. Battle Participation Award                    
Battle Participation Award          
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