Hauptman, Panzergrenadier
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No: Date: Award: Citation:
1. 2008-12-22 TS Proficiency Patch Attained sufficient skill and usage of TS
2. 2008-12-22 Wound Badge, Black For wounds suffered in the line of duty
3. 2009-01-13 Drivers Badge For tirelessly transporting and resupplying the troops
4. 2009-01-20 Infantry Assault Badge For leading the charge and taking the fight to the enemy
5. 2009-02-07 Parachutist Badge For proven skills as a airborne soldier
6. 2009-02-07 Battlefield Commendation Medal For acts of heroism and skill
7. 2009-04-05 Wound Badge, Silver For wounds suffered in the line of duty
1. TS Proficiency Patch 2. Wound Badge, Black 3. Drivers Badge 4. Infantry Assault Badge 5. Parachutist Badge 6. Battlefield Commendation Medal
TS Proficiency Patch Wound Badge, Black Drivers Badge Infantry Assault Badge Parachutist Badge Battlefield Commendation Medal
7. Wound Badge, Silver                    
Wound Badge, Silver          
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