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No: Date: Award: Citation:
1. 2009-05-12 TS Proficiency Patch Attained sufficient skill and usage of TS
2. 2009-05-25 Campaign Shield Maseeik, Campaign 52
3. 2009-05-25 Campaign Ribbon, Black For 1-4 Campaign Shields
4. 2009-05-28 Mission Jump Patch Participation, Squad OP jumps 14/5-09
5. 2009-05-28 Wound Badge, Black For wounds suffered in the line of duty
6. 2009-05-30 Battlefield Commendation Medal For acts of heroism and skill
7. 2009-05-30 Combat Cap Badge, Black For securing victory through capturing vital ground 
8. 2010-05-27 OP Participation Award, Plain For dutiful participation in Squad Ops
9. 2011-07-17 116th Expeditionary Shield With wishes of safe travels and a hasty return
1. TS Proficiency Patch 2.   3. Campaign Ribbon, Black 4. Mission Jump Patch 5. Wound Badge, Black 6. Battlefield Commendation Medal
TS Proficiency Patch Campaign Shield Campaign Ribbon, Black Mission Jump Patch Wound Badge, Black Battlefield Commendation Medal
7. Combat Cap Badge, Black 8. OP Participation Award, Plain 9. 116th Expeditionary Shield            
Combat Cap Badge, Black OP Participation Award, Plain 116th Expeditionary Shield      
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