Oberst, Panzergrenadier
Oberst   Driver Specialist 
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No: Date: Award: Citation:
1. 2008-12-25 Wound Badge, Black For wounds suffered in the line of duty
2. 2008-12-30 Tank Destruction Strip, Silver For singlehandedly destroying an enemy tank
3. 2009-01-06 Drivers Badge For tirelessly transporting and resupplying the troops
4. 2009-01-19 TS Proficiency Patch Attained sufficient skill and usage of TS
5. 2009-05-13 Infantry Assault Badge For leading the charge and taking the fight to the enemy
6. 2009-05-25 Campaign Shield Maseeik, Campaign 52
7. 2009-05-25 Campaign Ribbon, Black For 1-4 Campaign Shields
8. 2010-02-13 Order of the German Eagle, 3rd class For continuous commitment and excellence in campaign 58
9. 2010-03-25 Iron Cross, 2nd class For heroism and excellence during operation Smackdown
10. 2010-04-22 FlaK Badge For marksman skills in AA defense
11. 2010-04-22 Airplane Destruction Strip, Silver For securing the skies from enemy fighters
12. 2010-04-22 Wound Badge, Silver For wounds suffered in the line of duty
13. 2010-05-03 OP Participation Award For dutiful participation in Squad Ops
1. Wound Badge, Black 2. Tank Destruction Strip, Silver 3. Drivers Badge 4. TS Proficiency Patch 5. Infantry Assault Badge 6.  
Wound Badge, Black Tank Destruction Strip, Silver Drivers Badge TS Proficiency Patch Infantry Assault Badge Campaign Shield
7. Campaign Ribbon, Black 8. Order of the German Eagle, 3rd class 9. Iron Cross, 2nd class 10. FlaK Badge 11. Airplane Destruction Strip, Silver 12. Wound Badge, Silver
Campaign Ribbon, Black Order of the German Eagle, 3rd class Iron Cross, 2nd class FlaK Badge Airplane Destruction Strip, Silver Wound Badge, Silver
13. OP Participation Award                    
OP Participation Award          
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