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No: Date: Award: Citation:
1. 2010-08-12 OP Participation Award, Plain For dutiful participation in Squad Ops
2. 2010-08-16 FlaK Kill Strip, Plain For efficiency in destroying enemy aircraft 
3. 2010-08-16 Panzer Combat Badge, Bronze For exemplary service with the Panzer forces
4. 2010-08-16 PaK Kill Badge, Black For marksmanship in tank hunting
5. 2010-08-19 Wound Badge, Black For wounds suffered in the line of duty
6. 2010-08-21 PaK Gunner Badge, Black For valuable service as a PaK gunner
7. 2010-08-21 FlaK Kill Strip, Silver For efficiency in destroying enemy aircraft
8. 2010-08-24 OP Participation Award, Bronze For dutiful participation in Squad Ops
9. 2010-08-24 Air Combat Clasp, Bronze For serving as a fighter with distinction
1. OP Participation Award, Plain 2. FlaK Kill Strip, Plain 3. Panzer Combat Badge, Bronze 4. PaK Kill Badge, Black 5. Wound Badge, Black 6. PaK Gunner Badge, Black
OP Participation Award, Plain FlaK Kill Strip, Plain Panzer Combat Badge, Bronze PaK Kill Badge, Black Wound Badge, Black PaK Gunner Badge, Black
7. FlaK Kill Strip, Silver 8. OP Participation Award, Bronze                
FlaK Kill Strip, Silver OP Participation Award, Bronze        
9.     Air Combat Clasp, Bronze                
Air Combat Clasp, Bronze    
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